NTFS Cloning and shrinking

“Honey, I shrunk the filesystem!”

Recently I bought a solid-state harddisk, an Intel X25M. I wanted to use this disk in my Windows development system, without having to do a fresh install of Windows XP. I really didn’t want to install all my applications again, not to speak of all the custom configurations and tweaks I usually apply to Windows to make it palatable. So I thought I’d just make a image copy of my old harddisk to this new one, and be done with it.

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Xandros EeePC fastinit X11Session

File launching the EeePC Xorg Session

after system fastinit xandros launch the graphic session by calling this cript


Probleme de VFS lock sync sur le montage NFS :-(

Initrd managing guide

Modifying initrd image

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The frequent reason why your kernel can’t boot is not properly created initrd image. Here is a small description of what you can do if you encounter a similar problem.



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Merging Unionfs on Eeepc

Merging changes from partition 2 into partition 1

samo on altern.org jan-2008: it is possible to do the above even after heavy changes are done to the original filesystem – i.e. lots of work, package additions/removals etc (not at all virgin state) – and still get everything right (and keep the original partition/filesystem instead of making all new). Roughly the steps are as follows (requires some unix skills. Read this entire section before starting and ensure you know what you’re doing):

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NX client shortcuts

Which key combinations does NX adopt?
If you want to switch back from a fullscreen session to your native OS desktop, you can click on the ‘magic pixel’ on the upper right edge of your screen.

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Xandros Grub menu.lst video mode

# Configured by Xandros Configuration system.
# default boot entry

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SSD About … MustHave ;-)

No SWAP Partition, Journaling Filesystems, … on a SSD?

December 7, 2008

I’m going to get an Asus Eee PC 901go, which has a Solid State Disk (SSD) instead of a normal hard disk (HD). As you know me I’ll remove the installed Linux and install my own Kubuntu. I soon started to look at the best way to install my Kubuntu and I found following recommendations copy and pasted on various sites: Read the rest of this entry »

Eeepc Video Mode

Avec le mode vga=0×312 le EEEpc 701 démarre en mode graphique, le splashscreen est ok. Par contre le getty de la console ne veux pas démarrer ;-(
Enfin c’est un bon début… il faut regarder de plus près comment Xandros fait sa sauce !!!


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