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sed – Stream EDitor – works as a filter processing input line by line.
Sed reads one line at a time, chops off the terminating newline, puts what is left into the pattern space (buffer) where the sed script can process it (often using regular expressions), then if there anything to print – sed appends a newline and prints out the result (usually to stdout). Read the rest of this entry »

Mastering the VI editor

University of Hawaii at Manoa
College of Engineering
Mastering the VI editor in PDF
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100 Vim commands every programmer should know

Since the 70′s, Vi is one of the programmer’s best friend. Nevermind you’re new to Vi or not, here’s a big list of 100 useful commands, organized by topic, which will make your coder life better. Read the rest of this entry »

Vi VimDiff

Usefull vimdiff commands to view diff and merge

October 15, 2008 @ 8:20 am · Filed under Linux

Diffing the files and merging them is one of the very common task we do everyday. Following are few very useful commands to view the diff using vim and merge them using the vimdiff commands instead of copying and pasting from one file to another.

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Memo éditeur de texte VI et VIM

Commandes d’insertion de texte

- i insert insertion avant le curseur
- I insert insertion au début de la ligne
- a append insertion après le curseur
- A append insertion à la fin de la ligne
- o open ouvre une ligne blanche en dessous de la ligne courante
- O open ouvre une ligne blanche au dessus de la ligne courante

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