Iptables port knocking – single port used

There are many things to make your computer more secure and sometimes something as simple as port knocking can do the trick.

Port knocking as technique is used for a long time now and many implementations are already out there although for my specific use none of them seemed to be appropriate.

For complete listing of these implementations please visit portknocking.org website. There you can also find a complete explanation of the methods as well as recommendations of use.

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Blogger avec KDE

Blokkal est assez sympa comme client de Blog.
Mais il manque tout de même un véritable éditeur grahique, la gestion des images est encore merdique.
Il faudrait un truc du style de “Word” pour créer des documents jolis et de manière intuitive.
Si possible avec une indexation des mots clefs intelligente:

  • nom des images
  • nom des paragrahes
  • ….

Blogger API 1.0 test -> No title or category in WordPress

Hello you, sounds working !!

Là C’est cool ;-)


tux@pepita.org_8b107b3a.jpg used as Avatar

tux@pepita.org_8b107b3a.jpg used as Avatar

j’aime beaucoup ça ;-) aaq-1024x768.jpg

Ciao …

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