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HOWTO: Chia Farming on SCALE | TrueNAS Community

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NTFS Cloning and shrinking

“Honey, I shrunk the filesystem!” Recently I bought a solid-state harddisk, an Intel X25M. I wanted to use this disk in my Windows development system, without having to do a fresh install of Windows XP. I really didn’t want to install all my applications again, not to speak of all the custom configurations and tweaks I usually apply to Windows to make it palatable. So I thought I’d just make a image copy of my old harddisk to this new one, and be done with it.

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Advanced Power Management with Hdparm

Disks and Filesystems Disks are one of the few moving parts in your computer, and they tend to have a high speed data link going to them. Both of these properties turn disks into serious power consumers when they’re active.

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Utilisation de Hdparm

Hdparm hdparm est l’utilitaire par excellence sous Linux pour régler les paramètres des disques durs IDE.

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