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Gate One

I came across a program called Gate One by LiftOff Software that just amazed me. This is an open-source, web-based ssh terminal. It is capable of multiple users, sessions, and bookmarks. I’ve tried a number of AJAX terminals or Java applet based ones in the past. The javascript ones usually did not have very good terminal emulation, while the Java apps worked, but worked just like a local desktop app (making it’s own connection to port 22). Gate One uses WebSockets, allowing for full duplex communication through your web browser over the same port 80 or 443 used to serve up the web page.

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Simple Vi Cheat Sheet

Un petit pense-bête bien pratique sur les commandes Vim

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Advanced Vi Cheat Sheet

Advanced Vi Cheat Sheet

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VESA FrameBuffer Kernel documentation

The kernel documentation of the vesafb driver for nice FrameBuffer Console.

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Xandros Grub menu.lst video mode

# # Configured by Xandros Configuration system. # hiddenmenu # default boot entry default=0

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VGA Value Resolution

Thats wonderful I would like to add these Vga value for various res 640×480 – 785 800×600 – 788 1024×768 – 791 1152×864 – 355 1280×1024 – 794 1600×1200 – 798 Eeepc 800×600 – 312 Powered by ScribeFire.

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HOWTO: Spice up your boot text [font resolution and color]

Vesa Console Linux Howto

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