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NX client shortcuts

Which key combinations does NX adopt? If you want to switch back from a fullscreen session to your native OS desktop, you can click on the ‘magic pixel’ on the upper right edge of your screen.

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Xandros Grub menu.lst video mode

# # Configured by Xandros Configuration system. # hiddenmenu # default boot entry default=0

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SSD About … MustHave ;-)

No SWAP Partition, Journaling Filesystems, … on a SSD? December 7, 2008 I’m going to get an Asus Eee PC 901go, which has a Solid State Disk (SSD) instead of a normal hard disk (HD). As you know me I’ll remove the installed Linux and install my own Kubuntu. I soon started to look at the best way to install my Kubuntu and I found following recommendations copy and pasted on various sites:

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Eeepc Video Mode

Avec le mode vga=0x312 le EEEpc 701 démarre en mode graphique, le splashscreen est ok. Par contre le getty de la console ne veux pas démarrer ;-( Enfin c’est un bon début… il faut regarder de plus près comment Xandros fait sa sauce !!!

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