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VirtualBox Linux Guest customization

VirtualBox is a virtual pc emulator like vmware. It has many of the features vmware has, as well as some of its own. It is in constant development and new features are implemented all the time. eg. version 2.2 introduced OpenGL 3D acceleration support for Linux and Solaris guests. It has a nice GUI interface (Qt and/or SDL) or command line tools for managing virtual machines. Headless operation is also supported. Running iTunes under VirtualBox is the only way (currently) to sync iPod Touch/iPhone firmware 3.0+.

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Xandros EeePC fastinit X11Session

File launching the EeePC Xorg Session after system fastinit xandros launch the graphic session by calling this cript

Probleme de VFS lock sync sur le montage NFS 🙁

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Compiz Memories of the Way Windows Were

Hack and / – Memories of the Way Windows Were November 1st, 2008 by Kyle Rankin Still arranging windows by hand? Learn how to take advantage of Compiz’s window memory, so it can do the work for you. I’m a half-organized person. On one hand, if something of mine has a place, I can be pretty anal about making sure I put it back every time I use it. On the other hand, if something doesn’t have a place, it inevitably ends up in a pile or a junk drawer. I’ve learned that if I want to be organized, I must give everything a home.

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NX client shortcuts

Which key combinations does NX adopt? If you want to switch back from a fullscreen session to your native OS desktop, you can click on the ‘magic pixel’ on the upper right edge of your screen.

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Multimedia Keyboard Xorg settings

The following patch includes the changes I made to the Xorg XKB files adds a keyboard model for the MS Digital Media Keyboard that maps some of the multimedia keys:

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