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Gate One

I came across a program called Gate One by LiftOff Software that just amazed me. This is an open-source, web-based ssh terminal. It is capable of multiple users, sessions, and bookmarks. I’ve tried a number of AJAX terminals or Java applet based ones in the past. The javascript ones usually did not have very good terminal emulation, while the Java apps worked, but worked just like a local desktop app (making it’s own connection to port 22). Gate One uses WebSockets, allowing for full duplex communication through your web browser over the same port 80 or 443 used to serve up the web page.

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… is a Perl CGI script that enables the WebDAV protocol (class 1,2,3) for web server. If you need correct permissions for files and folders you can install this WebDAV CGI script and a UID/GID wrapper. The Apache module mod_dav does not support UID/GID wrapping, so this implementation fills up this gap as a (most complete) replacement.

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Apache Web SVN Repository

Tutoriel : Apache – SSL – Subversion Cet article va détailler comment paramétrer Apache et Subversion en HTTPS. C’est pas bien méchant, on y retrouve les grandes étapes indispensables : Création d’un dépot Créer un nom de domaine sécurisé (Apache+SSL) Relier les deux avec libapache2-svn (webdav) Régler les droits d’accès sur le dépot.

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