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L’installation d’Hadopi sous Linux enfin possible !

Ça y est ! J’ai trouvé ! Il est anéfé possible d’installer le logiciel d’Hadopi sous Linux. Voici la procédure d’installation depuis un terminal ( [troll] Linux oblige [/troll] ) qui vous rafraîchira un peu les idées après l’ivresse des fêtes : Code :

Quel suspense ! Hormis l’objectif de divertissement proposé par ce déroulement d’installation quelque peu singulier et le parti pris flagrant dans ce processus, il s’agit également d’une rétrospective détaillée du processus de création et de (tentative) de mise en place d’Hadopi. La suite au prochain épisode ? ( source : )

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Moving Backuppc Data Dir

Tech Recipe for Backuppc I will explain briefly how to move the Backuppc __TOP_DIR__ to another disk. The main reason of this long data processing is the performance improvement. I’ve tried several Filesystems and different under layer block device ( RAID5, RAID10) alwaysover LVM. For the moment the best seems to be RAID10 with 32K chunksize and a reiserfs filesystem mounted with (notail,noatime) options. The backup speed is not that much faster than on ext3 filesystem, but the main advantage of Reiserfs is that compare to ext3 the disk usage is reduced from 34G in ext3 to 27G in Reiserfs. The next step will be to test Btrfs performance but for that I first need to migrate from kernel 2.6.18 to 2.6.28 or higher 😉 So let start the recipe

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Vi VimDiff

Usefull vimdiff commands to view diff and merge October 15, 2008 @ 8:20 am · Filed under Linux Diffing the files and merging them is one of the very common task we do everyday. Following are few very useful commands to view the diff using vim and merge them using the vimdiff commands instead of copying and pasting from one file to another.

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