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Merging changes from partition 2 into partition 1

samo on altern.org jan-2008: it is possible to do the above even after heavy changes are done to the original filesystem – i.e. lots of work, package additions/removals etc (not at all virgin state) – and still get everything right (and keep the original partition/filesystem instead of making all new). Roughly the steps are as follows (requires some unix skills. Read this entire section before starting and ensure you know what you’re doing):

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Vesafb.txt : “kernel source Documentation”

What is vesafb?

This is a generic driver for a graphic framebuffer on intel boxes.

The idea is simple: Turn on graphics mode at boot time with the help
of the BIOS, and use this as framebuffer device /dev/fb0, like the m68k
(and other) ports do.

This means we decide at boot time whenever we want to run in text or
graphics mode. Switching mode later on (in protected mode) is
impossible; BIOS calls work in real mode only. VESA BIOS Extensions
Version 2.0 are required, because we need a linear frame buffer.

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