un peu d’humour

Aujourd’hui, mon fils de huit ans a tartiné le chat de confiture parce que “comme ça, c’est meilleur quand il fait sa toilette”. VDM

CSS – Cameron Simpson’s Scripts

CSS is a large collection of scripts (over 1000) and their supporting modules. There are tools for a wide variety of tasks, many sysadmin and text manipulation related, some mere finger convenience. There are even a few manual entries.

Css scripts package

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RabbitMQ OpenSources Messages Service

Un Projet fort intéressant, supporté par la fondation Mozilla, qui permet de s’interfacer avec un grand nombre de langages. Et ce sur de nombreuse Plateforme (Windows, Linux, VMS …)

Je recopie la présentation des fonctionalités, en anglais, mais très complète.

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le dirigeable, une solution d’avenir?


Portable Eclipse

The steps for a portablEclipse aren’t that hard:

  1. get Eclipse and extract it to your portable drive
  2. install a JDK on your or any other PC (I really mean the Java Development Kit, not the JRE – anyway, both should work).
    The default installation path should be something like “C:\Programs\Java”, containing a folder named “jdk1.5.0_xx”
  3. create a subfolder “JDKs” in your eclipse folder (depending on your drive letter and extraction path this should look like P:\someFolders\eclipse\JDKs
  4. copy the jdk1.5.0_xx folder into the JDKs folder. (like P:\someFolders\eclipse\JDKs\jdk1.5.0_xx)
  5. edit the file “P:\someFolders\eclipse\eclipse.ini” to

    (replace “jdk1.5.0_xx” with the actual folder name)
    This is more elegant than using a batch file due to being independent from drive letters and path variables.

  6. go to a pc with OR WITHOUT java installed. Connect your portable drive and run “P:\someFolders\eclipse\eclipse.exe”
  7. when asked for a workspace location, you can enter “.\workspace”, which will create a workspace in your eclipse folder (like “P:\someFolders\eclipse\workspace\”)
  8. do javanese Eye-wink

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