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Memo AIX <5.0

Mémento de commandes d’administration pour AIX (≤ 5.x)

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sed Tutorial

sed tutorial
sed introduction
sed examples #1
sed commands
regular expressions
more sed examples

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sed – Stream EDitor – works as a filter processing input line by line.
Sed reads one line at a time, chops off the terminating newline, puts what is left into the pattern space (buffer) where the sed script can process it (often using regular expressions), then if there anything to print – sed appends a newline and prints out the result (usually to stdout). Read the rest of this entry »

Distribution Linux ProxMox : la virtualisation libre et facile

À de nombreuses reprises dans ces colonnes, vous ont été présentés des logiciels libres de virtualisation de PC (Qemu, VirtualBox, Xen…) ou commerciaux (Vmware, Xen…) . Nous allons découvrir la distribution Proxmox au travers de 7 articles.

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Mastering the VI editor

University of Hawaii at Manoa
College of Engineering
Mastering the VI editor in PDF
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100 Vim commands every programmer should know

Since the 70′s, Vi is one of the programmer’s best friend. Nevermind you’re new to Vi or not, here’s a big list of 100 useful commands, organized by topic, which will make your coder life better. Read the rest of this entry »

Un peu de détente

Il fait chaud chez Caliceo

CALICEO LYONLE PLAN DU LOUP, 25 RUE STE BARBE, 69110 STE FOY LES LYON0 826 30 36 69 caliceo.com

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Keepass 2 for Linux

Running KeePass under Mono (Linux, Mac OS X, BSD, …)

In addition to Windows, KeePass 2.x runs fine under Mono, i.e. Linux, Mac OS X, BSD, etc. In order to run KeePass, follow these steps:

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Logging Java in Syslog

J’ai un serveur Tomcat contenant une dizaine de webapps. Chaque webapp a son propre fichier log4j.properties, et dans chacun de ces fichiers, il y a une section pour un syslogAppender : Read the rest of this entry »

VirtualBox Linux Guest customization

VirtualBox is a virtual pc emulator like vmware. It has many of the features vmware has, as well as some of its own. It is in constant development and new features are implemented all the time. eg. version 2.2 introduced OpenGL 3D acceleration support for Linux and Solaris guests. It has a nice GUI interface (Qt and/or SDL) or command line tools for managing virtual machines. Headless operation is also supported. Running iTunes under VirtualBox is the only way (currently) to sync iPod Touch/iPhone firmware 3.0+.

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