Portable Eclipse

The steps for a portablEclipse aren’t that hard:

  1. get Eclipse and extract it to your portable drive
  2. install a JDK on your or any other PC (I really mean the Java Development Kit, not the JRE – anyway, both should work).
    The default installation path should be something like “C:\Programs\Java”, containing a folder named “jdk1.5.0_xx”
  3. create a subfolder “JDKs” in your eclipse folder (depending on your drive letter and extraction path this should look like P:\someFolders\eclipse\JDKs
  4. copy the jdk1.5.0_xx folder into the JDKs folder. (like P:\someFolders\eclipse\JDKs\jdk1.5.0_xx)
  5. edit the file “P:\someFolders\eclipse\eclipse.ini” to

    (replace “jdk1.5.0_xx” with the actual folder name)
    This is more elegant than using a batch file due to being independent from drive letters and path variables.

  6. go to a pc with OR WITHOUT java installed. Connect your portable drive and run “P:\someFolders\eclipse\eclipse.exe”
  7. when asked for a workspace location, you can enter “.\workspace”, which will create a workspace in your eclipse folder (like “P:\someFolders\eclipse\workspace\”)
  8. do javanese Eye-wink

Author: stratus

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